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A brief interlude (and a blast from the past)!

28 Jan

Ohhh man, you guys, it has been so warm here lately! We are talking 30-degree weather, folks. SPRING IS CLEARLY ON THE WAY.

The warmer temperatures have led me to have an excess of energy. Usually in winter I want to just lay in my bed like a lizard under a heat lamp, but Vermont’s blatant disregard for things like the freezing temperature of the human body has made me appreciate above-freezing conditions so much that I went and painted something instead. Here it is:

You've gotta fight for love.

I was feeling pretty frustrated with my thesis yesterday, so I decided to sit down and paint something just for the sake of painting it. It ended up being a little pin-up of one of the first recurring characters I ever thought up. Her name is Arin, and last year when I entered CCS I initially assumed her story (tentatively entitled Goddess of Victory) was the one I’d be drawing come thesis time. That didn’t really pan out, but I have a soft spot for her nonetheless. I’ve been poking and prodding at her story for years now, trying to figure out which parts of it are worth telling, but she’s always essential to it.

Painting-wise, I’m pretty proud of how this came out. I feel like I’m really starting to get comfortable with my watercolors, and I like how the brush outline looks. I’m not sure I’d ink a comic in the same fashion, but it’s definitely something to think about–the 2B-pencil-over-watercolors look isn’t doing much for me these days. I might do some paintings like this (not necessarily of Arin, mind you, but of similar size and media) for MoCCA. Is that something you guys’d be interested in? I’m curious as to what your opinions are.

See you on Monday with more visiting artist sketches!

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