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Oh, hello again, childhood!

22 Mar

Hey, did you guys hear that Kodansha is going to re-release the Sailor Moon manga? They’ll also be debuting Codename wa Sailor V, the prequel to the original series. I am crazy excited! I have almost all of the old Mixx “Pocket Manga” volumes, and I’d given up hope of ever reading the volumes I was missing. Now’s my chance!

I’m especially excited and nostalgic for this because Sailor Moon was my introduction to manga, waaaayyy back in the day when I was in middle school. I mentioned in an earlier post that I read a bunch of comics when I was young, but I kind of fell out of the habit in late elementary school (excluding the newspaper comics and the Ramayana comic books we’d gotten from my Indian relatives). My sister and I became obsessed with the Sailor Moon TV series, though, and when my mom gave me the first manga volume it just about blew my mind. I’d never seen anything like it before, and I fell instantly in love. (This was slightly before the big manga boom in the US, so there wasn’t a ton of anime or manga available yet. Series like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z had just made their way onto Cartoon Network, and the first volumes of series like Fushigi Yûgi and Maison Ikkoku were sneaking their way into the two-shelf manga sections of Borders. We also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get our manga fix. True story.)

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that Sailor Moon was what pulled me back into constantly reading comics. It also kept me engaged in drawing, since it provided a fresh burst of inspiration (albeit for some horrifically bad fanart, fanfiction, and “original” comics that completely ripped off Ms. Takeuchi’s ideas…but I digress. You have to start somewhere, after all!). It helped me discover fandom, which helped me discover other artists and comics that I liked, which helped me get where I am today. So, when I heard Kodansha’s news, I sat right down and painted a little picture of Mizuno Ami (a.k.a. Sailor Mercury, for the unfamiliar). She was always my favorite. :)

Mizuno AmiIt was fun to try translating Ami’s character design into my own style. Naoko Takeuchi has such a distinctive way of drawing that influenced my own work for a long time, so I had to really think hard about what Ami’s defining characteristics are and how they’d look in my own slightly more realistic style. I also tried to do it from memory, considering that I used to draw Takeuchi’s characters constantly when I was younger! I feel pretty good about how it turned out for the most part. Her uniform looks a little poofy, and I don’t think that it’s clear that the pen she’s holding is supposed to be her transformation wand. Ah, well…I’ll get it next time.

While I had my paints out, I went ahead and did this as well:

Paul's dreams

Paul‘s been feeling kind of sick lately, so I doodled this to cheer him up a little. He also never draws himself unless forced to, which seems strange to someone as narcissistic as I am, so every once in a while I do it for him. :P The idea of people riding on enormous, flightless birds is one that’s very close to his heart, so there was no question as to what to put in his thought bubble. (Okay, there was a little bit of questioning, but I figured that I couldn’t reproduce Soviet propaganda well enough or draw an accurate enough T-rex to properly represent his thought processes, so I went with the ostrich racing.)

I hope that those of you who are in school are having a good spring break! As for those of you that aren’t, well…I hope you are having a good ol’ regular week. See you on Wednesday!

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