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Oh, hey, internets!

21 Jan

Long time, no see! Sorry about the long hiatus. When winter break started, I thought, “Will I have enough time to make a bunch of new art and update the blog regularly while I’m traveling through Charlotte and showing Paul around Del Mar and catching up with my family before I go? OF COURSE I WILL.”

I guess you can see how well that worked out. I was (*shock, gasp, horror*) busier than I thought I’d be, so I didn’t have much of a chance to draw. When I did, it usually went something like this:

WHAT SHOULD I DRAWWWWWI would sit there for a long time, staring down a blank sheet of paper. The longer I sat, the less valid or funny any of my ideas seemed, and eventually I would think, “Well, I’ll just do it tomorrow,” and go hang out with the fam. And the next day, the whole process would start over again.

But now I’m back in the place I work best, hanging out with the people I work best with, and I’m ready to start rocking out the rest of my thesis…well, as ready as I’m ever gonna be. I also have the rest of the CCS visiting artist sketches from last semester for you guys! So, without further ado, three more members of the CCS class of 2011:

Monty MontgomeryMonty Montgomery will be working on two different comics this year: Riot City (the teen kung-fu comic he mentions in the above drawing) and Max and Bosco (a comic about two musicians working at a restaurant in a dying universe).

Andy James ChristensenAndy James Christensen will be continuing work on The Stag, his mini-thesis from last year that dealt with a man living alone in a post-apocalyptic winter world and the strange creature he, for lack of a better word, befriends.

Carl MefferdCarl Mefferd is continuing work on Waking Dreams, his story about a Pacific Northwest town whose residents lead very different lives in their dreams.

I hate to say it, but I’m not as pleased with this set as I am with the previous one. I sat in a different place for the second round of presentations and had to draw everyone straight-on instead of from the profile, and I had a lot more trouble continuing the drawing as people moved their heads and changed expressions. For some reason it’s easier for me to adjust for slight differences in angle or expression from a side view rather than a front view, so I spent way more of the ten-minute sessions redrawing the same details over and over rather than refining them. *shrugs* What do you guys think?

Okay, that’s all from me tonight. I’ll see y’all on Monday–for reals this time!

Why can’t I stop listening to the Monsters, Inc. theme?

12 Nov

Seriously, I’d like to know.

But while you’re pondering that, here’s a visiting artist sketch:

John Brodowski

This week’s speaker was John Brodowski, creator of Curio Cabinet and elementary school teacher. John kindly invited Kevin Uehlein, Jesse Mead, Max Mose, and myself into his classroom last week, where we spent a super-fun few hours talking about CCS and doing jam comics with his 5th grade classes. John is a really nice guy, and he gave a fun lecture. His comics focus heavily on communicating a story through mood and gesture, so they feel kind of dreamy as a result–not in the “idle fantasy” way, but more in an “is this real?” way, since they often have a creepy or weird element as well. As an added bonus, he showed us several clips of amazingly bad horror films that inspired him as a kid and talked for a while about Jason Voorhees. Good times, my friend. Good times.

Speaking of good times, do you know a surefire way to have a great 2011? The only method I’ve stumbled upon so far is to pick up a Beefsteak calendar, the CCS guys’ answer to our Peep Show calendar. Beefsteak was edited by Josh Kramer and includes work by (*takes deep breath*) Rio TaylorCantoPat Barrett, Jesse Mead, Kevin Uehlein, Ben HorakCasey Bohn, Tom Casteel, Jai Granofsky, Monty MontgomeryNick Patten, Carl MefferdAndy Warner, BillageRandall Drew, Dakota McFadzeanCat Garza, Jon FineJosh Kramer, Jan Burger, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, Katie Moody, and Melanie Gillman. That’s 24 contributors in all, so you actually get 2 cartoonists per month! It’s the same deal as Peep Show: each calendar is $7 (including s&h) and contains 12 hilarious (and sassy) drawings. You can order your very own copy from just about any of the dudes listed above–I know for sure that Canto and Paul have a few to spare. If you don’t feel like you can choose between the two, you can order both calendars for a total of $10. I’ll be receiving another 1o copies of Peep Show 2011 in just a few weeks, so those will be available again soon.

Okay, that’s enough blatant advertising for one day! I’m off to doodle some stuff and poke around with some watercolors. :)

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