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I’m running rampant with these crest designs!

26 Apr

I think I’m pretty much always gonna describe my polls with terrible puns. :) But hey, gimme a break–like I mentioned before, things are getting pretty hectic over here, and pun therapy is the only thing that’s working! My thesis project is officially due in less than a week, which means I have a whole lotta bookmaking to do. I’m also working on the packaging for my thesis project. I was originally planning to make a fully functional board game that had my books attached to the board, but in the end it required too much extra time and original artwork. I would’ve had to put aside my actual thesis work much earlier in order to make it, and that just wasn’t worth the time. Instead, I’m going to screenprint canvas bags with a crest for an imaginary school and put the “assigned reading”–my four thesis books–inside. I’ve come up with four potential crests and mottos for this school, and I could use your help picking one! Here are the four choices:

Crest #1

Motto translation: “Images And Words”.

Crest #2

Motto translation: “Who Will Read This?”

Crest #3

Motto translation: “Let There Be Comix”.

Crest #4

Motto translation: “Words Instruct, Illustrations Lead”.

I need your help deciding which crest to use. I’ve made two polls–one for color schemes and one for mottos–so you can mix and match. You can also suggest different mottos if you like, and please feel free to correct my Latin (or, rather, the Latin I found on the internet) if you’re affronted by its inaccuracy. :P  If you have time, would you help me out?

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