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Someone sent in the clowns…and corsets!

2 Apr

I went to Dr. Sketchy’s on Wednesday night, and it was a blast! The theme was “Clowns and Corsets”–you may recall that I drew a poster advertising it. I’ll admit it a bit odd at first, as I’ve never been a huge patron of the clowning arts, but we had two really great models. Plus, I love drawin’ me some corsets. I brought my watercolors with me this time, and that made the night both more challenging and more fun. I’ve come to really love working in color, especially with paint. Having this travel watercolor kit has taken a lot of the stress of painting away, since I don’t have to worry about carrying all my supplies separately and setting up/cleaning up takes so little time. I’m way more free now to paint casually and experiment more with the medium, which is a pretty big deal for someone like me who tends to agonize over every little aspect of a drawing.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic about my paint set! Time for some clowns!

Annabelle Buttons

Miss Annabelle Buttons, pictured above, is actually a professional clown! She was very animated and cheery and lots of fun to draw. We were a small and slightly quiet crowd that night, but she had us cracking up consistently. Well played, Ms. Buttons. Well played.

Funbags McGee

Funbags McGee was our other model for the night. She had this amazing tulle skirt on that was so much fun to paint! I’m afraid I haven’t fully done it justice in this drawing, although I am pretty proud of how it came out overall. She was actually holding a bunch of forceps in this pose that I didn’t draw due to lack of time…and, okay, mild squeamishness. I can’t help it–I get nervous when I see open scissors in such close proximity to someone’s rack! Perhaps I’m growing conservative in my old age. :P

I’ve got one more sketch from this session that I’ll try to post after I’ve put some finishing touches on it. In the meantime, I totally recommend finding out if there’s a Dr. Sketchy’s in your area. If there, you should definitely go…and if not, why not start one? :)


And now for something completely different.

8 Dec

Okay, I’m changing it up a little! I know I promised you guys more visiting artist sketches, but I have some new drawings I’m really excited to share. Colleen Frakes set up an awesome opportunity for us with Northern Stage, the local theater company; a bunch of us cartoonists got to attend the final dress rehearsal for their production of The Wizard of Oz and do some life drawing during the show! It was difficult, but oh man was it a lot of fun.

Dorothy, Glinda, and Professor Marvel.

A super-simplified Dorothy and Glinda, plus the beginnings of Professor Marvel and his magnificent moustache. Everyone in the show was fantastic, but I particularly enjoyed Jane Brockman’s Glinda–she played her with an amazing Midwestern accent!

A crow and a tree.

Sarah Cubbage’s costume design for this show totally blew me away. These were some of the extras: the crows from the Scarecrow’s introductory scene wore these great suits with sequined vests, shoulder pads, and hats (I used silver Sharpie in an attempt to capture it, but I’m not sure it scanned well), and the trees from the Tin Man’s first scene were all dolled up in these Lady Gaga-esque veiled tree hats and stiff-looking dresses.

Poppies, a doorman, and a flying monkey.

More costume design sketches: a poppy, the Emerald City doorman, and a flying monkey. The colors on the monkey are a little bit too vivid–the actual costume has more mottled colors and looks more like fur.

A Jitterbug, an Emerald Citizen, and Toto.

A Jitterbug,  a random Emerald Citizen, and a super-fast sketch of Toto. I’m not sure if you can tell from this sketch, but the eyes on the Jitterbug hat have little lights inside that glowed as the wearer danced. SO COOL ♥

So yeah: basically, I am just totally enamored with this show to an extent that I totally wasn’t expecting. I can’t wait to see it on the stage! Northern Stage and Colleen totally hooked us up, and I am super grateful. If you’re in the WRJ/Lebanon/Hanover area, you should definitely come see it! You can find a list of performance dates and times here.

Life drawings, and why I’ll be posting them. (Some NSFW content.)

29 Sep

I’ve always been really interested in the human form. I love telling stories about people, and I love drawing them, too. It’s my firm opinion that, no matter how you draw, an understanding of how the body works and is put together can only help you in drawing and posing your own characters.  For that reason, figure drawing has always been one of my favorite classes, both in undergrad and here at CCS. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m even TAing for the life drawing class this year, and sometimes I get to draw along with them.  I’m proud of these drawings and want to post them, but they do involve nudity.

I thought long and hard about whether I should post these drawings, especially since up until now I’ve done my best to keep this blog generally work-safe and appropriate for all ages. This didn’t really require a whole lot of effort on my part–I blurred some swearing out of one of the visiting artist drawings, but that was it. I like the idea of anyone and everyone being comfortable looking at my work. The post I’m making today may change that. Not everyone wants to see drawings of naked people when they check this site, which is totally fine. I’m not going to censor my drawings, because I feel like that’s implying that these studies are somehow in bad taste or done with less than honorable intent, but I will label each post that features them with “some NSFW (not safe for work) content” so that you guys can skip over these entries if you’re not interested. I just fundamentally think that the human form is interesting, fun, and informative to draw, and hopefully I can convince my readers of that, too. :) So, on that note, here are some life drawings from Monday’s class.

just chillin'

A five-minute sketch that I inked over later with brush pen. I especially like how her stomach turned out.

time for a nap, maybe

A ten-minute drawing. Her foreshortened arm was really hard to get right–I’m still not sure I got it.

turned over

Another ten-minute drawing. I’m glad I got to add a little shading to this one–I think it’s a nice touch. Unfortunately, her other foot wouldn’t fit on my sketchbook page. I’ll have to plan better next time.

Yeesh…sorry for the Block Paragraph o’ Doom here, guys! I may be taking this entirely too seriously, but this entry does kind of mark a shift in content and I feel that’s worth mentioning. *shrugs* Tune in on Friday for another visiting artist drawing and a higher art-to-text ratio. :)

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