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Promise, consider yourself kept!

13 Jul

What’s this? An update appearing on the day for which it was originally scheduled? Be still, my heart~! ♥

I think that being on a regular, slightly-less-hectic-than-average schedule has been good for me, guys. Look at me, all wakin’ up during daylight hours and organizin’ my stuff and updatin’ on time! (I’ve also been rereading quite a bit of the Achewood archives, in case you couldn’t tell.) I’ve even been trying to exercise a little, although the results on that end have been…shall we say…uneven. I think this comic explains it best:

The Ab Slider!

I’ve gotten slightly better at it lately, I think, but the only tangible result so far is that my stomach hurts a little more than usual. I’m gonna try to keep at it, though. Should hilarity ensue, you folks’ll be the first to know!

A peek into my fabulous lifestyle!

2 Feb

Did you know that yesterday was Hourly Comic Day? Neither did I, until Dakota mentioned it on Monday! Since I’ve enjoyed other people’s hourly comics and since I didn’t get a chance to do 24 Hour Comic Day this year, I vowed to myself that I would give this a shot. So, here’s what my day was like yesterday:

Hourly Comics Day!Don’t be jealous of my decadent, star-studded lifestyle. It just comes with the job. ;) If you like, you can read other people’s hourlies here.

See you guys on Friday! I’ll have a new visiting artist sketch (or two!) for ya then.

It’s amazing what three hours’ sleep will do.

29 Nov

In this case, it gets me through 2 1/2 hours of TAing/standing in for the model, 3 hours of class, and dinner, with enough time to doze and fight with Photoshop about posting an update. Fun facts!

In any case, here’s what I’ve been losing sleep over for the past week or so:

The Game of Thesis-Land!

This is my poster for my thesis presentation later this week. Instead of one big long story, I’m doing several smaller projects that differ greatly from each other. I found it challenging at first to come up with a concept that allowed me to talk about the differences between these works without making it seem like, “oh, here’s a bunch of crap I threw together that I might work on,” but I think the game board theme does it well. At least, I hope it does–it’s the result of hours of brainstorming with lots of different people, plus a whole lot of inking and painting! Overall, I’m pretty proud of it–I especially like the drawing for Perfectly Fitting, although that may just be because that character is super fun to draw. You guys’ll be seeing more of him soon. I also like how the drawing of the sleeping me at the end of the path turned out…although maybe I’m just jealous that she seems to be sleeping so soundly.

The calm before the deadline storm.

27 Nov

Just a quick update tonight, guys, on account of me not having my scanner set up over here. Part of the reason why I came home was to help my family move, so things are somewhat on the disorganized side for us right now. I’ll be back at school late tomorrow after a loooong day of flying, so Monday’s update should be chock-full of freshly-scanned artwork. It also might be a bit light on the commentary side–as the title of this entry indicates, I have a pretty busy schedule as soon as I get back from break. I have a deadline pretty much every day until Wednesday or Thursday, with my thesis presentation on Thursday wrapping up the week and hopefully marking the point at which I can sleep again. I’ll keep you posted as best I can, of course, but I felt it was only fair to warn you that next week’s updates may devolve into ramblings garbled by sleep madness. BUSINESS AS USUAL, I SUPPOSE

Anyway, here’s a little drawing of Sun for you:


Man, we haven’t seen her in a while, huh? And I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a drawing of her in color here, so it’s newness all around. She’s looking smug as usual, though–it’s good to know that some things never change. I’m hoping that maybe some of her confidence will rub off on me this week and help me to keep going even when I’m super stressed out. Keep your fingers crossed!

In which I’m late by any count.

25 Nov

Oh man, guys, I’m sorry that this post is so late. Monday was completely overwhelming–I was up all night again working on my posters for an upcoming presentation (more on that later), had a class session that was all about critiquing our work (so no brain break there), had to pack while completely exhausted, and got between three and four hours of sleep before spending the next day driving to Manchester and flying home for Thanksgiving. I had meant to update on time (well, on time by West Coast standards, at least), but I haven’t seen my family in what feels like ages so we took some time catching up. Also, I was busy catching up on this:

fast asleepBy “this” I definitely mean “sleep” and not “inking and watercoloring”, because oh my god do I have a lot of that to do still. On top of the comics I’m working on, all the seniors at CCS have to do a sort of mini-visiting-artist lecture during the next two weeks in which we give a brief rundown of the details of our thesis, our goals for the year, our advisor, and our progress so far. As part of this presentation, we have to create one or two posters that includes similar information. These are the posters that took me all of Sunday night….and they’re still not done! I have a lot of watercoloring left to do, as well as one or two design tweaks, plus a bunch of original art for the Powerpoint to accompany my presentation. In short, I have a hell of a lot to do in the next few days. On the plus side, though, that means I should have a fair amount of art to post here…as long as I don’t just pass out face down on the keyboard when I try to update.

Well, it’s pretty late here, so I think I’ll go to bed so that I can have a clear head for cooking tomorrow. I feel bad updating late with only one sketch, though, so here’s a little yeti picture to tide you over until Friday.

they're delicious and nutritiousI hope you guys have a great holiday (that is, if Thanksgiving is your thing)! See y’all on Friday–on time this time!

Necesito verte un día más.

6 Nov

Sorry this update is late, you guys. I’ve had a week of crazy ups and downs–good art days, bad art days, great portfolio reviews, frustration with current projects, fun with friends, sad news from family, etc.–and I’ve been finding myself a little distracted. I’ll be back on the ball by Monday, I think, but right now I think I’m gonna stick with a quiet sort of update.

Anyway, here’s the Día de los Muertos print that I’ve been promising:

una ofrendita para tiThis was another experiment with the G-nib, with the added challenge of using gouache. I feel like it turned out pretty well but not exactly right. In my portfolio review, Scott C. pointed out that by watering down the gouache I’m basically just using it like regular watercolors, so he recommended that I try using watercolors so that I’m not fighting against the medium. That makes a lot of sense, so I think I’ll give it a shot sometime soon.

In other news, I’ve been loving Boardwalk Empire like crazy lately (at least, when it hasn’t been really gruesome). I really want to do something 1920s-inspired, but I don’t know what yet. “I want to draw flappers and dapper hats” isn’t much of a story premise, but I feel like a period piece with really simple character design and a nice muted watercolor palette would be really relaxing and fun to do. I picked up a copy of Sin in the Second City a little while ago, so maybe I’ll call that this week’s research. IDEAS AHOY

All right…I’ll see you guys on Monday, hopefully in slightly better spirits. Have a good weekend! :)

Halloween time is zombie time!

27 Oct

Seeing as how Halloween is in just a few days, I figured it was time for some theme-appropriate sketches. I’m a total zombie fan, even though I am a super huge wimp and hate hate hate blood and gore. I think it’s an interesting idea, and it was totally my go-to Halloween costume all through undergrad. I even drew 23 pages of a zombie comic for a final project in undergrad. Given all that, how could I resist the chance to draw some Halloween zombies?

at last, she can wear that monocle she always wantedThis is the as-of-yet-unnamed protagonist of the aforementioned zombie comic. I haven’t drawn her in ages, so this was fun to do! I love coming back to old characters and redrawing them; it’s a friendly, familiar feeling. She’s in a little worse shape here than she is in most other drawings of her–I figure this is her later in life when she’s worn out a little.

zombies can be nonchalant, tooI don’t know who this is, really, but I like how she came out. You don’t see a lot of chubby zombies in the grand scheme of things, which seems a shame. I had a lot of fun drawing her, especially her belly and ripped pants.

I’m trying something new with both these drawings. I sketched them in my normal way–with a drafting pencil during a lecture–but inked them with a G-nib. I haven’t inked with a nib since last year, when we were required to do it for a class assignment, and I hated it! I didn’t feel in control of my pen, I got ink all over myself, and I even made myself bleed a few times (not that that’s a normal experience with a nib; I just have a fantastic talent for accidentally injuring myself with my art tools). Some of my classmates swear by the G-nib, and Aaron also recommended I try it, so I picked one up earlier this week when I couldn’t find refills for my Pocket Brush. And here’s the thing: I kind of love it. I don’t want to, since pens and the Pocket Brush are way more convenient and travel-friendly, but I really like how much detail and line variation the G-nib allows. I’ll keep working with it, probably in conjunction with my other tools, but for a first experiment I feel like this went pretty well. I’m going to a Halloween event at Comic Boom! in Keene on Saturday and am thinking about doing some Halloween-themed pin-ups for that, so those’ll probably be my next experiment. I’ll post ’em on Friday if they work out!

In the meantime, though, I’d love to hear if/what you guys are dressing up as for Halloween. In keeping with the zombie theme of this post, I’m thinking of going as a zombie hipster, but man am I open to other suggestions!

Riddle me this, Vermont.

22 Oct

Why is it already snowing here? It is still October. Not. Cool.

Anyway, to keep warm, I have been drawing a lot. Here’s my visiting artist sketch from last week:

rockin' that plaid

Last week, Aaron Renier came to talk to us! He’s the creator of Spiral Bound: Top Secret Summer and The Unsinkable Walker Bean, both of which were pretty much fantastic. He’s my thesis advisor, so I may have a slightly biased opinion, but I also thought that both books were fantastic before he was confirmed as my advisor, so whatever. He gave a really great talk and showed us a lot of interesting early work in which he used the main Spiral Bound characters before they were, well, the Spiral Bound characters. We also got a sneak peek at the first few pages of Walker Bean vol. 2, which was super exciting! It was really cool to see his originals. He does a lot of doodling in the margins of his pages to get the excess ink off his brush, and it was fun to see those.

I also got to meet with Aaron before his talk so that we could discuss the work I’ve done for my thesis so far. I feel really good about having him as my advisor. I admire his work a hell of a lot, but on top of that he’s also able to give really excellent feedback–a nice balance of talking about what works well, what doesn’t, and how or why this is the case and how it can be improved. I feel really lucky to be paired with him this year. It’s on his advice that I tried doing all of yesterday’s art with a brush and ink (well, Aaron’s advice as well as being out of refills for my Pocket Brush). I think they turned out okay, but I’m still not very confident with a regular brush. I feel like I can control the amount of ink in the Pocket Brush better than a regular one, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t used a brush and ink very much at all. Besides, whenever I use ink, this is what happens:

ink everywhere

Ah well. I suppose if there’s any place where being covered in ink and paint is acceptable (and maybe even encouraged), it’s cartoon school. :P

Check back on Monday for another visiting artist sketch and additional doodles! Also, if Wednesday’s PIX recap wasn’t enough for you, try checking out the con reports at Cupcakes and Comics and Kevin Czapiewski’s blog.

What is that bright light in the sky? Oh, right, it’s the sun.

20 Sep

Ohhh my god you guys I am so tired. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have been totally nocturnal for the past few days but then had to get up at 9 this morning to go TA for figure drawing? TRULY IT IS A MYSTERY.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on during all those late nights, though. I did a short comic based on Aesop’s fable The Wind and the Sun last year, and I think my first mini this year will be a follow up to that. It’ll be based on another fable called How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner. Here’s Moon:

Oh, man, lookit those nails.

I’m working on updating her design, so this is probably not at all what she’ll look like. I’ve chosen to make each deity in the fable a different nationality–in the original, Wind was Norse and Sun was Indian. I’m leaning towards a more Korean-influenced design for Moon as of right now, so her costume will probably change entirely. I still think this illustration is kinda neat, though.

Here’s Star:

She's not judging, just observing.

Star is the mother of Moon, Sun, and Wind, so I wanted her to look a little more matriarchal. I was going for a kind of Aboriginal feel to her, but since I don’t know if that’s entirely apparent I may tweak her design a little more before the final version. I’m pretty proud of the starfield behind her–I’ve made them digitally, but I’ve never painted them by hand before now. I think it came out pretty well.

Ooookay. I’ve gotta go finish coloring a pin-up tribute to Art Frahm, and then I think I’m gonna pass out face down on the media room couch and see if I can get someone to drag me home to my apartment. See y’all on Wednesday!

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