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This is your brain. This is your brain on no sleep.

30 Mar

Ugh…I need to stop pulling all-nighters on blog update nights, you guys. I forgot to update because I spent all of Monday and Tuesday feeling like this:


CCS Industry Day is tomorrow, and I was determined to go all-out. I spent most of Monday making Leftovers Are Good Luck, a collection of my short comics that’ll be replacing Eat Up, Cat in my MoCCA debut lineup, and most of Tuesday fighting to stay awake and failing.

But hey, speaking of MoCCA, we finally received our table number! Bailey Sharp, Ben Juers, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, and I will be at table M10. We’ll have Em Sauter, Ryland Ianelli, and Jesse Mead on one side, and Beth Hetland, Ben Horak, Pat Barrett, and Josh Kramer on the other. (What an awesome sandwich!) We’ll also be in the same row as many other lovely CCSers, such as CJ Joughin, Canto, Billage, Andy Warner, Melanie Gillman, Nate Wooters, Dakota McFadzean, Holly Foltz, Denis St. John, Nomi Kane, and many more! If you’re going to be there, please come say hello!

I also mentioned in my previous entry that I’ll be teaching two comics workshops in Springfield, VT this summer. Some of the details have changed since the last time I mentioned it, so here are the final details:Let's Draw Comics with Lena!

Making Comics with Lena!

Come learn all the basics of making comics! We’ll pencil, ink, and letter our own comics starring our very own characters, and at the end of the week we’ll put it all together into a finished book. No experience necessary– if you like to draw, we’d love to have you!

The first session is for students 10-12 years old and will take place July 11-15 from 9:00-11:30 am. I’m going to be covering the basic terms, materials, and methods of making your own comics, including character design, backgrounds, and lettering. Plus, we’ll doing some really fun drawing activities, and at the end of the camp I’ll put the students’ work together into anthologies for everyone to take home. I’m so excited about teaching this!

The second session is for teens and older students and will take place July 25-29 from 9:00-11:30 am. I’ll cover the same basics as in the first session, since they can be beneficial for students of all ages, but I’ll be going into more detail and doing some extra activities. I’ll also put the students’ work from this camp into its own anthology for students to take home.

If you or someone you know is interested in either camp, you can find out more on the Vault Gallery’s website or at the gallery itself at 68 Main St., Springfield, VT. :)

All right, I figure I’ve talked your ears off enough for now. I’m off to Dr. Sketchy’s to draw some clowns in corsets! It’s gonna be tons of fun, so if you’re in the WRJ area, you should definitely stop by! :)

I’m a veritable whirlwind of activity!

28 Dec

…Unfortunately, none of that activity is for art-related stuff right now. I’m about to run off to Charlotte to visit Paul (and, with any luck, see Bailey as well), and anytime I travel somewhere I pretty much spend the night before running around in a tizzy. I have packing to do, errands to run, walks to take with the family, cats to keep off the keyboard and out of my suitcase, and an impressive headache, but no brand-new art tonight. What I do have for you is the last of the first set of visiting artist sketches from the senior class presentations. There’s only one today since I haven’t had a chance to scan the second round yet (I’m still figuring out my parents’ scanner), but once I’m back I’ll begin posting the next set. So, without further ado…

Em SauterEm Sauter will be completing a third volume of M. Sauter’s Guide to Douchebaggery and continuing work on her two beer-related webcomics, Pints and Panels (featuring four-panel beer review comics) and Vicki Stowe: Brewmaster (the fictional life story of Vicki Stowe, the next female brewmaster).

Sorry for the short update–I’ll have something new for you guys on Wednesday, I promise!

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