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Someone sent in the clowns…and corsets!

2 Apr

I went to Dr. Sketchy’s on Wednesday night, and it was a blast! The theme was “Clowns and Corsets”–you may recall that I drew a poster advertising it. I’ll admit it a bit odd at first, as I’ve never been a huge patron of the clowning arts, but we had two really great models. Plus, I love drawin’ me some corsets. I brought my watercolors with me this time, and that made the night both more challenging and more fun. I’ve come to really love working in color, especially with paint. Having this travel watercolor kit has taken a lot of the stress of painting away, since I don’t have to worry about carrying all my supplies separately and setting up/cleaning up takes so little time. I’m way more free now to paint casually and experiment more with the medium, which is a pretty big deal for someone like me who tends to agonize over every little aspect of a drawing.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic about my paint set! Time for some clowns!

Annabelle Buttons

Miss Annabelle Buttons, pictured above, is actually a professional clown! She was very animated and cheery and lots of fun to draw. We were a small and slightly quiet crowd that night, but she had us cracking up consistently. Well played, Ms. Buttons. Well played.

Funbags McGee

Funbags McGee was our other model for the night. She had this amazing tulle skirt on that was so much fun to paint! I’m afraid I haven’t fully done it justice in this drawing, although I am pretty proud of how it came out overall. She was actually holding a bunch of forceps in this pose that I didn’t draw due to lack of time…and, okay, mild squeamishness. I can’t help it–I get nervous when I see open scissors in such close proximity to someone’s rack! Perhaps I’m growing conservative in my old age. :P

I’ve got one more sketch from this session that I’ll try to post after I’ve put some finishing touches on it. In the meantime, I totally recommend finding out if there’s a Dr. Sketchy’s in your area. If there, you should definitely go…and if not, why not start one? :)

Clowns in corsets!

28 Feb

This is a brand new adventure in alliteration for me! Last week it was h-words; this week, it’s c-words.

…maybe I should rephrase that.

Anyway, you guys might remember my post last week about Dr. Sketchy’s in WRJ. I love figure drawing (have I mentioned that before, maybe?) and had a blast at the last one, so when I found out they needed a poster for the next event, I was all over it. Here’s the design I came up with:

Clowns in Corsets! Coming to WRJ on March 30!Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. It was fun to come up with so many poses, and this is pretty much the first drawing of a car that I feel came out well. Maybe it’s the model? I guess all my comics will have to star VW Beetles from now on. It was a challenge to get the colors just right–for the figures to really read as clowns, their outfits had to strike this strange balance between complimentary and clashing colors. If the colors look too coordinated, they look too neat to be clowns. I really wish I’d had time to do shading for all the figures, but it’s getting down to thesis crunch time so I couldn’t justify spending another whole day on it.

No matter how I feel about the poster, though, I am super excited that Dr. Sketchy’s is gonna be a regular fixture in town this semester! If you guys have any opportunity to stop by on Mar. 30th, you absolutely should. The models are great, the drawing is fun, and the giveaways are an awesome bonus. (Last time, they gave out T-shirts, a bottle of wine, and a sketchbook and pencil set, among other things.) You can order tickets in advance here. I’ll be there for sure–will you?

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