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I better start thinking of some names fast. (NSFW)

16 Feb

Seriously. Naming these thesis-related posts is going to be so much easier once I have real titles for the different parts of it! I guess the best I can do right now is to say, “Here are some sketches from that 1920s project.”

So…yeah. Y’know. That. This first one does include some almost-nudity (save for pasties), so you may not want to scroll down while you’re at work.

1920s sketch #1

This is the latest incarnation of the female lead in Perfectly Fitting. After reading American Rose I started thinking that maybe she started work as a stripper after the Everleigh Club was closed down. I’m still working on the plot for this, so I’m not sure if that’ll stick, but right now I like it. At the very least, her being in varying levels of nakedness gives me lots of opportunity to draw Keeley looking flustered, and of course I love doing that!

1920s sketch #2

Here’s our gal heading home from work early one morning. (I think she and I keep similar schedules.) I feel like I’m getting better and better at drawing her, especially when it comes to her haircut. I like how bouncy she looks in this as well as the expression on her face. The only thing I’m not as pleased with is the fur stole–it’s looking a little too much like a Lamb Chop puppet for my taste. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll include a scene in the comic in which it teaches us all a lesson about sharing, possibly through song.

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