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Fanart Friday: Kirby and Waddledee!

6 Oct

(Shh…this totally counts as a Friday update because it’s only 9 pm on the West Coast, right?)

It’s a week full of innovation (or at least alliteration)! This is the blog’s very first Fanart Friday. I like to draw, and I like to talk about things I like, so this is what you get.

Hmm. That sounded like more of a threat than I intended. Here, have something cute to make up for it!

Let's go on an adventure~

Here is a not-very-surprising fact: I totally love Kirby, you guys. He’s adorable, he’s super fun to draw, and Kirby and the Crystal Shards was one of my favorite games as a kid. (My other favorites will be making an appearance soon, don’t you worry.) I’ve also started playing Kirby Super Star at Paul’s behest, and the companion system makes me really really happy. It doesn’t matter what boss I’m fighting, though; I always pick Waddle Dee. I like to make him go on adventures with Kirby. ♥

This picture was also an excuse to mess around with Illustrator again. I recently upgraded to CS6, and it feels a little like I moved into a new apartment. All my stuff is there, it’s just arranged a little differently. I just felt like making sure I still knew where it all was. I was also lucky enough to have CJ Joughin and Micah on hand (er, computer) to help me out when I needed reminding. This was a nice reminder that I really like Illustrator, and I like the look of vector art. You’ll probably be seeing more of it in the near future.

This is your brain. This is your brain on no sleep.

30 Mar

Ugh…I need to stop pulling all-nighters on blog update nights, you guys. I forgot to update because I spent all of Monday and Tuesday feeling like this:


CCS Industry Day is tomorrow, and I was determined to go all-out. I spent most of Monday making Leftovers Are Good Luck, a collection of my short comics that’ll be replacing Eat Up, Cat in my MoCCA debut lineup, and most of Tuesday fighting to stay awake and failing.

But hey, speaking of MoCCA, we finally received our table number! Bailey Sharp, Ben Juers, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, and I will be at table M10. We’ll have Em Sauter, Ryland Ianelli, and Jesse Mead on one side, and Beth Hetland, Ben Horak, Pat Barrett, and Josh Kramer on the other. (What an awesome sandwich!) We’ll also be in the same row as many other lovely CCSers, such as CJ Joughin, Canto, Billage, Andy Warner, Melanie Gillman, Nate Wooters, Dakota McFadzean, Holly Foltz, Denis St. John, Nomi Kane, and many more! If you’re going to be there, please come say hello!

I also mentioned in my previous entry that I’ll be teaching two comics workshops in Springfield, VT this summer. Some of the details have changed since the last time I mentioned it, so here are the final details:Let's Draw Comics with Lena!

Making Comics with Lena!

Come learn all the basics of making comics! We’ll pencil, ink, and letter our own comics starring our very own characters, and at the end of the week we’ll put it all together into a finished book. No experience necessary– if you like to draw, we’d love to have you!

The first session is for students 10-12 years old and will take place July 11-15 from 9:00-11:30 am. I’m going to be covering the basic terms, materials, and methods of making your own comics, including character design, backgrounds, and lettering. Plus, we’ll doing some really fun drawing activities, and at the end of the camp I’ll put the students’ work together into anthologies for everyone to take home. I’m so excited about teaching this!

The second session is for teens and older students and will take place July 25-29 from 9:00-11:30 am. I’ll cover the same basics as in the first session, since they can be beneficial for students of all ages, but I’ll be going into more detail and doing some extra activities. I’ll also put the students’ work from this camp into its own anthology for students to take home.

If you or someone you know is interested in either camp, you can find out more on the Vault Gallery’s website or at the gallery itself at 68 Main St., Springfield, VT. :)

All right, I figure I’ve talked your ears off enough for now. I’m off to Dr. Sketchy’s to draw some clowns in corsets! It’s gonna be tons of fun, so if you’re in the WRJ area, you should definitely stop by! :)

Dear Mayans: thank you for inventing hot chocolate.

10 Dec

Seriously. It’s gotten so cold here that I’m practically living off the stuff! If there was a way I could get this stuff intravenously, I would absolutely not do it because I am terrified of needles but metaphorically I would be in total favor of it.

…I just reread that last paragraph and am thinking that maybe I should cut down on my intake a little bit.

Chocolate beverage addictions aside, here’s the next set of sketches of the CCS class of 2011:

Ben Horak

Ben Horak will be completing a new issue of Grumptoast, his one-man anthology, as well as redesigning the cover of the first issue. He’s also designed some sweet merchandise featuring some of his recurring characters.

CJ JoughinCJ Joughin is continuing work on City of Cards, her story set in an extremely capitalist, corporation-run future. So far, transparent scrum halves have only made an appearance on her fantastic shirts from Japan and Korea, but I can only hope they show up in her comic as well.

Paul SwartzPaul Swartz is continuing work on The Magnificent Mockingbird Presents: A Vanishing Act (the first chapter of which was his mini-thesis last year) as well as compiling a monster alphabet book and beginning work on an as-yet-unnamed project about a young man trying to revitalize his tiny hometown’s economy by faking a UFO landing.

That’s all for this week! If I haven’t sunk into a sugar-induced coma by Monday, I’ll post more work then. :)

And then I slept for 17 hours.

12 Oct

Ohhh man. Sorry about the late update, you guys! Yesterday was a pretty big deadline for our Thesis Seminar class, and I was up for 24 hours straight preparing for it. After that, well…see the title of this post.

It’s been a pretty eventful few days, though! After the dust settled yesterday afternoon, I realized that two things had happened while I wasn’t looking. I turned 23 on Sunday (hurray!), and–oh yeah–some of my work was reviewed on the Comics Journal! Rob Clough wrote a really nice piece on two of the minicomics I gave him at MoCCA as well as two minis by the most excellent Holly Foltz. (Holly’s a recent CCS alum who draws hilarious comics, contributed to the pin-up calendar, and is an all around cool person.) You can read the article here.

Speaking of the calendar, I’ve got a preview for you guys. Here’s the image I drew for the month of January:

with apologies to Art Frahm

That’s the lovely Colleen Frakes in a homage to Art Frahm, master of the celery/pink granny panties combo. Not to shamelessly repeat myself, but I’ll be selling the calendar this image appears in person at PIX and online after that. They’re full-color, $7, and feature a lot of fun pin-up drawings of CCS girls by CCS girls.  Contributing artists include Amelia Onorato, Bailey Sharp, Beth Hetland, Betsey Swardlick, CJ Joughin, Colleen Frakes, the aforementioned Holly Foltz, Jen Vaughn, Laura Terry, Melanie Gillman, and of course Nomi Kane and myself. As I mentioned before, I drew Colleen and was drawn by the very talented Laura. Please email me if you’d like to reserve a copy! :D

Okay, that’s it for me for today. Check back tomorrow for a 100% real, live, on-time update!

All my best friends are thesauruses.

22 Sep

As I started writing this blog post, I mentioned to the other people in the studio that I’ve got to start getting more sleep just so that I can start my blog entries with something other than, “Oh my god, I’m tired.” Immediately everyone around me chimed in:

CJ Joughin: How about, “Holy cow, I am tired.”

Beth Hetland: “Oh dear, I’m sleepy!”

Lawrence Derks: “My goodness, I really should get some sleep!”


The point is, I definitely went to bed at 8 am today. Because I feel it’s thematically appropriate, here’s a sunrise-related drawing from my last sketchbook.

and shine a light, 'cause I need your sweet sunshine

I mentioned before that I’m kind of obsessed with the Faber-Castell brush pens. They have a foam tip, so they do eventually shred and lose their point, but they come in a lot of fantastic colors that are really fun to play with! In this drawing, I was experimenting with using multiple markers to shade a figure instead of using multiple layers of the same marker. I think it worked pretty well for a sketch, but I don’t think I’d ever use this method for anything professional. The Faber-Castells are a little too streaky for anything more than sketching in my opinion, and I like the simplicity of just having two shades of each color in a drawing.

I have some character sketches and business card designs coming up later this week, so check back on Friday for another update. See you then!

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