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Water, water everywhere…

23 Dec

So, hey, San Diego seems to be flooding. Don’t get me wrong: I love rain, and this is a nice change of pace from California’s habit of catching on fire every summer, but rain to the point of the roof leaking, hotels being evacuated, and the train tracks being flooded seems a tad excessive. Luckily, the worst of it seems to be over. The sun totally came out for, like, two hours today (which is about the same amount of sunlight we get in Vermont some days), so maybe things’ll start to dry off soon.

In the meantime, though, I’ve got another Keeley sketch for you:

Keeley ties his shoes.I tell ya what, this guy is way too much fun to draw. I love his freckles and lanky limbs! (His pants are always just a little too short because he’s so tall, which means I get to practice drawing bony ankles and cool socks, too.) I’m pretty pleased with how this sketch came out, unfinished hands aside. I think the folds in his clothes came out well, and I feel like I’m getting a better sense for how he moves. I still need to work on drawing shoes, though–the proportions on these are a little off. Does that mean I’ll have to spend the next few days looking up dapper 1920s outfits? OH WOE IS ME.

I think that’s it for me tonight…the cat had me up at 6:00 am, plus my body has no idea what time zone I’m in at this point, so I’m gonna get some sleep. See you guys on Friday!

Updating on time? It must be a Christmas miracle!

21 Dec

Or, y’know, a miracle of the winter holiday of your choice. I’m not picky. My mother has since pointed out that there’s been enough time between this update and my last for a Chanukah miracle and then some, so there you have it! :)

On the serious, though, I’m sorry to have been MIA for so long. Last week was a little tougher than I thought it’d be. I had to go to my last week of classes, present the comics workshop lessons I compiled for my Professional Practices class, check in with my advisor, join in some birthday festivities for one Mr. Paul Swartz, bid my cartoonists adieu, and head home to the West Coast, so my head was in a million different places. I’m all settled in now, though–the fam’s asleep, and I’m hanging out in bed listening to the rain pouring down outside–so it’s updatin’ time!

Today I’m posting some sketches from my 1920s project. I’m calling it Perfectly Fitting for now, but I don’t know if that’ll stick. I don’t know a lot about this one yet, to be honest. All I have is a time period, an artistic style, and two characters, but I’m feeling pretty strongly about the latter two so hopefully it’ll pan out. Here’s one of those characters now:

KeeleyI’d like you guys to meet Keeley. Like I said, I don’t know everything about him yet–I know he’s Irish, in his twenties, and is pretty skittish but good-hearted. There are definitely things I’m unsure about in this drawing; I don’t think he’s ever going to actually say this line (it’s pulled from a Boris Timanovsky story on a Moth podcast I was listening to at the time and really liked), and I was practicing my background work and am not totally pleased with the result. I really love drawing Keeley, though, because he’s so gangly and is in constant motion. He’s going to be fun to work with once I figure out what his story really is.

Perfectly Fitting isn’t all about him, though. It’s also about this girl:

Our Mystery WomanI’d love to introduce you to her, but I’m afraid I don’t quite know her name yet. I know she’s Eastern European and that she used to work for the Everleigh club in Chicago, but she and I are still getting to know each other. She’s a bit more reticent than Keeley, so she’s taking a bit more work but I have faith she’ll be worth the effort.

…I know, I know. Today’s post has an awful lot of that, but I’m afraid I’m always like this when I start a project. I take a fair amount of time to get a feel for my characters, what they look and sound like, before I start writing or drawing. I can tell when a comic is really working for me when the characters almost start writing themselves–when the dialogue starts feeling more like something I’m overhearing than something I’m dictating–but before that can happen I have to be able to visualize the characters doing whatever it is they’re meant to be having. Even though the overall shape of this project may be fuzzy right now, I’m working hard on that visualizing part. I hope you guys don’t mind being a little patient with me while I work out how to make things a little clearer–I promise I’ll share the results. :)

Okay, that’s quite enough for me for tonight. See you guys on Wednesday (for real this time)!

[Insert your own Baby 2.0 joke here.]

4 Oct

Just a warning: the next few updates are probably gonna be a little atypical, content-wise. My first big deadline for my thesis seminar is a week from today, and my schedule’s going to be nothing but art, food, and perhaps a little sleep until then. A few days after that, I get to hear a talk by Aaron Renier (my thesis advisor), and that night Canto, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, and I will be heading down to Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo (PIX for short)! Things will be back to normal(ish) in two weeks, and I’ll still be posting art in the meantime, but it’s gonna be crazy for a while so updates might only have one picture/be filled with sleep-mad gibberish. SUCH IS MY BURDEN, I SUPPOSE. :P

Anyway, here is a peek at one of the characters in the comic I have been slaving over lately:

and her robot babyHer name is Carla, and she’s holding her robot son. She looks slightly different here than she does in the comic–normally she wears her hair loose, but you can see the kid is going for it anyway, so it’s probably best that it’s pulled back. I shaded this with brush pen, which is why the grays are kind of streaky, but in general I really like the lighting in this image. I also like how Carla’s hands turned out. I know she should be supporting the baby’s head, but she’s in the middle of switching positions, and it’s made out of a resilient plastic and is probably easier for the baby to lift than a normal baby head.

Erm. Not that the baby does a lot of lifting of human heads, baby or otherwise. It’s pretty benign as far as robot overlords go.

More art (and maybe more of a sneak-peek into this story, depending on how far along I am) on Wednesday!

That’s a lollipop stick, not a cigarette.

27 Sep

Yeesh, I keep updating super late these days. IT IS LIKE I AM ONLY UP AT NIGHT OR SOMETHING, I DUNNO.

Anyway, here’s a quick character design sketch for an upcoming comic:

lickin' a lollipop

I don’t know what her name is yet (surprise, surprise). I’ve been thinking “Caroline” but that may be just because (a) I want a kind of everyday-sounding name (no offense to the Carolines out there) and (b) I have been dying to watch Coraline lately. *shrugs* We’ll see how things go. No matter what, she’s going in a comic for our thesis seminar class that has to be based in part on a dream of ours from the past few weeks. I’ve been working on the cover, so hopefully I’ll post a sneak preview of that later this week.

See you guys on Wednesday!

What is that bright light in the sky? Oh, right, it’s the sun.

20 Sep

Ohhh my god you guys I am so tired. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have been totally nocturnal for the past few days but then had to get up at 9 this morning to go TA for figure drawing? TRULY IT IS A MYSTERY.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on during all those late nights, though. I did a short comic based on Aesop’s fable The Wind and the Sun last year, and I think my first mini this year will be a follow up to that. It’ll be based on another fable called How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner. Here’s Moon:

Oh, man, lookit those nails.

I’m working on updating her design, so this is probably not at all what she’ll look like. I’ve chosen to make each deity in the fable a different nationality–in the original, Wind was Norse and Sun was Indian. I’m leaning towards a more Korean-influenced design for Moon as of right now, so her costume will probably change entirely. I still think this illustration is kinda neat, though.

Here’s Star:

She's not judging, just observing.

Star is the mother of Moon, Sun, and Wind, so I wanted her to look a little more matriarchal. I was going for a kind of Aboriginal feel to her, but since I don’t know if that’s entirely apparent I may tweak her design a little more before the final version. I’m pretty proud of the starfield behind her–I’ve made them digitally, but I’ve never painted them by hand before now. I think it came out pretty well.

Ooookay. I’ve gotta go finish coloring a pin-up tribute to Art Frahm, and then I think I’m gonna pass out face down on the media room couch and see if I can get someone to drag me home to my apartment. See y’all on Wednesday!

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