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I forgot that warm weather actually exists!

18 Mar

Just a quick update for you guys tonight! It’s been super warm this week (50 whole degrees!), and I have to admit that I’ve been distracted by the good weather. It’s been a pretty good week overall, since I’ve either taken care of or formulated plans of attack for a lot of the stuff that’s been stressing me out. I just have a lot of work to get down to, but I’m excited about a lot of it. This mermaid story in particular is really exciting (and a little scary) to start working on again. I’ve been doing a lot of sketches of Vivian in particular lately. Here’s one of them:


Vivian and her towel.

As a stand-alone drawing, I like this a lot. I’m especially proud of her hands and the folds in her sweatshirt. As a drawing of Vivian, though, it’s not great. Her hair’s a little too poofy, her eyebrows are thicker, and her mouth is too full. In this one she ended up looking too much like Pilar, a previous character of mine from Follow the Lady. The only differences are that Pilar isn’t Asian and has wavier hair and only one ponytail. I think I just need to keep working on Vivian so that I can draw her consistently. I should probably also start drawing her in different situations–I’ve been drawing her messing around with towels so much lately that Ford Prefect’d be proud of her.

I think that’s it for me tonight. I’m gonna try to write some more of the script and finalize some of the designs for the kids in this story, and maybe I’ll post those sketches on Monday. If you want to keep up with me and my awkwardess in the meantime, you can find me on Twitter here! I just started using it last week. I’m a bit unwieldy with it, but I have to admit it’s pretty fun. If you’ve got an account, please come say hi! :)

In which I reveal poll results and complain about the weather.

8 Mar

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to whine about the weather after my month-long stint of only talking about snow and posting a silly drawing, but I find myself unable to keep that promise. Today we had a bunch of freezing rain and snow, and when I ventured outside for sustenance I found that there was nearly an inch of ice on my car and that three of its four doors had iced shut! Our ice scraper made the ultimate sacrifice tonight–it lost all but three of its tines and has thus been honorably discharged from service. I am rather disheartened, both by the loss of my faithful ice scraper and by the fact that I thought that we were done with icy horribleness for a while. Blech. I love Vermont and all, but sometimes it makes it very difficult to like living here!

Things aren’t all that bad, of course. I had a great talk with my thesis advisor, Aaron Renier, today, and that left me feeling pretty good about the (increasingly little) time I have left to work on my thesis. It also helps that I finally sat down yesterday (or, rather, this very early morning) and wrote out a complete and final outline for my mermaid story. It’s tentatively called I Saw You, but that’s just a placeholder until any other name occurs to me. I changed the ending halfway through scripting it  the first time and also realized that the pacing was way too fast, so it feels great to finally know for sure where the story is going and to have made my peace with how long it’ll take me to get there. It’s still going to be a lot of work–I want to redesign some characters and settings, so I’ll have to redraw the seven pages I started at the beginning of this year, and it’s going to be over fifty pages when it’s done–but it’s such a relief to have this first step completed. I’ve been sketching the main characters from this story lately when I’m bored, trying to get a feel for how I want to draw them. Here’s an example:

simple Vivian sketch

This is Vivian, spreading out her towel at the beach. I realized too late that I forgot to shade the sand, so now it looks like the poor gal’s hell-bent on catching hypothermia. I like the simple style of this image–I think I had just discovered Natasha Allegri’s blog when I drew this–but unfortunately I don’t think it’s the right look for this story. It’s gonna be horror-flavored (albeit only lightly, on account of me being a huge wimp), and right now I feel like this is a little too cutesy.

Speaking of cutesy, here’s the final lineup for the charms!

Final Charm Designs

In a last-minute upset, there was a three-way tie for fourth between Sleepy Yeti, Happy Yeti, and iNterruption. I decided to go with iNterruption because there were already two yeti charms in this batch, but rest assured–if these sell well at MoCCA, I’ll definitely make more! I like the idea of having an all-yeti set (like the “Yeti-motion” stickers that I’d been giving out at cons last year), so that’ll probably happen sometime soon.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your input! I was so, so excited to receive so much feedback from y’all about which ones you’d like to buy. I appreciate you guys so much. :) If you feel like giving more, you should definitely head over to Paul’s blog and sneak in a last vote before he closes his poll tonight. (You should vote for the axolotl–it’s tied for fourth right now, and holy hell do I want an adorable little salamander on my keys!)

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