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In which I fangirl incessantly.

8 Nov

Another week, another visiting artist sketch:

Scott Campbell

This week, Scott C., the artist behind the ever-fabulous Double Fine Action Comics and Great Showdowns, came to talk to us! I’ve had an enormous artcrush on him since playing Psychonauts (which he art-directed), so of course I was kind of a gibbering mess. I was actually kind of proud of myself on that front, since I was less of a gibbering mess than I was when I met him at SPX or at MoCCA….although that’s not saying much. Imagine an adolescent boy going through three years of puberty in ten condensed minutes of pure awkwardness: that’s what I sounded like as I handed Scott C. my comics.

This time around was totally great, though. Scott gave us a great watercolor demo on Wednesday morning, using four of the upcoming Great Showdowns paintings as examples. I had no idea that the images on the site were essentially actual size–the original paintings are the size of Post-Its! As a life-long lover of little tiny things, I was in heaven. It was pretty fun to just observe his process and watch these little tiny paintings come to life. His lecture on Thursday was also fantastic–he’s a very casual, interesting speaker who brings the same laid-back humor he puts in his comics into his talks. (He also uses “dude”–or some variant thereof–approximately once every three sentences.) I love his work, so it was really exciting to see so many of his paintings and prints; plus, he also showed us some great Psychonauts and Brütal Legend concept art. It’d be wonderful to see the concept art for either of those games collected into an art book someday–of course, I’d prefer it to be Psychonauts, but I’m totes biased.

As awkward as I may have been feeling, I do feel like I managed to keep my composure pretty well. Jon Chad invited me along to dinner with him and Scott on Wednesday night, and I am very proud to say that I didn’t fall out of our pizza parlor booth with sheer nervousness/delight. It turns out that Scott is pretty much an awesome guy no matter where you meet him; he always treats you like you are buddies (or “dudes”, if I may) that are just hangin’ out. He also gave portfolio reviews and was very helpful and encouraging–he said he loved my work (!!!) and was really excited about all my yeti-related stuff  while giving me good advice on how to improve it (which is fun, because early versions of both Edie and the yeti’s character designs were heavily influenced by Scott’s style). So basically I was obnoxiously happy for much of last week.

If that wasn’t enough exciting news, I got mentioned on The Comics Journal again! Rob Clough spent all of October reading minicomics by CCS students and alumni, and he briefly talks about Monsters (one of my minis and the sequel to Abominable) in his last post on the subject. It’s a short review, but he says some insightful stuff. I have to admit to being a little sensitive about Monsters right now; it was originally created for an anthology that was never reprinted, so it’s at a somewhat irregular size. I’ve been selling it as its own mini, but the production has been getting more and more frustrating as time goes on. I’ve stopped offering it for sale until I can figure out how to reformat it in a way that makes it better-looking (since the grays get kind of muddled now and again) and easier to reproduce (since trimming it down often makes the margins too small), but hopefully I’ll have it ready to go soon.

Speaking of “things for sale,” I finally have a store set up! As I mentioned before, I couldn’t put it on this site due to WordPress’s php/form restrictions, but it’s over on my portfolio site now. You can check it out by clicking here and then clicking on the “store” button. I am pretty excited about this, partly because it was a long and frustrating process for not-so-technically-minded me, but also because now I don’t have to sound so sketchy when I run out of stuff at conventions. “You can find these in my PayPal store” sounds wayyyy more legit than “No, really, give me some money and your address and I will TOTES send you a comic,” don’t you think?

Holy crap, this post turned out to be long. I’m gonna shut up now and sit back and watch those COMICS DOLLAZ ROLL IN.


And then I slept for 17 hours.

12 Oct

Ohhh man. Sorry about the late update, you guys! Yesterday was a pretty big deadline for our Thesis Seminar class, and I was up for 24 hours straight preparing for it. After that, well…see the title of this post.

It’s been a pretty eventful few days, though! After the dust settled yesterday afternoon, I realized that two things had happened while I wasn’t looking. I turned 23 on Sunday (hurray!), and–oh yeah–some of my work was reviewed on the Comics Journal! Rob Clough wrote a really nice piece on two of the minicomics I gave him at MoCCA as well as two minis by the most excellent Holly Foltz. (Holly’s a recent CCS alum who draws hilarious comics, contributed to the pin-up calendar, and is an all around cool person.) You can read the article here.

Speaking of the calendar, I’ve got a preview for you guys. Here’s the image I drew for the month of January:

with apologies to Art Frahm

That’s the lovely Colleen Frakes in a homage to Art Frahm, master of the celery/pink granny panties combo. Not to shamelessly repeat myself, but I’ll be selling the calendar this image appears in person at PIX and online after that. They’re full-color, $7, and feature a lot of fun pin-up drawings of CCS girls by CCS girls.  Contributing artists include Amelia Onorato, Bailey Sharp, Beth Hetland, Betsey Swardlick, CJ Joughin, Colleen Frakes, the aforementioned Holly Foltz, Jen Vaughn, Laura Terry, Melanie Gillman, and of course Nomi Kane and myself. As I mentioned before, I drew Colleen and was drawn by the very talented Laura. Please email me if you’d like to reserve a copy! :D

Okay, that’s it for me for today. Check back tomorrow for a 100% real, live, on-time update!

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