We’ll eat coconuts and mangoes under the next waxing moon.

21 Apr

Just a short update for you guys tonight! I’ve been super busy working on my thesis project, but you know who else has been busy? My thesis advisor, Aaron Renier! He’s been providing me with lots of great feedback throughout the year, and he’s also been hard at work on the second volume of his comic The Unsinkable Walker Bean. Recently, the nominees for this year’s Eisner awards were announced, and guess what made the list? That’s right: The Unsinkable Walker Bean, Vol. 1!

I’m a big fan of the book (and not just because Aaron’s my advisor–I read it and loved it before we were paired together), so in my excitement over its nomination I drew some fanart.

The Unsinkable Walker BeanGenoa’s one of my favorite characters in the book, so of course she was the one I chose to draw. I hope it’s clear what she’s got in her hands! It was a real challenge to do the background in this image because of my attempts to mimic Aaron’s use of black and attention to detail (specifically, the wood grain and all the little objects on the shelves), but overall I’m proud of how it came out. Maybe if I have time later I’ll add some color. That would be a lot of fun, too. :)

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