Why is tonight different from all other nights?

19 Apr

Because I finally remembered to update, maybe? I am trying so hard to end this streak of starting all my posts with an interjection and an apology for missing posts, but it turns out that that habit is pretty hard to break since I keep missing blog posts! These past two weeks have been super busy–I had to do a ton of printing for MoCCA, then a bunch of reprints for Paint & Pixel Festival, plus thesis work and attending classes (including Lynda Barry’s writing workshop last week)! Things have calmed down a little now–or at least as much as they’re going to–so hopefully I’ll be more timely with my posts (I say, writing a post after midnight). Things are gonna get crazy the closer it gets to May 2nd, the due date for our thesis projects, so there may be fewer updates around that time. Don’t say you weren’t warned! :P

Anyway, enough of that. As you guys probably know, today was Passover. I don’t practice any particular religion, but my grandmother’s family is Jewish and I like to keep in touch with that part of my culture when I can. (I like to tell people I’m Jew…ish.) Here’s how I spent the holiday:

How I Spent My PassoverSadly, tonight wasn’t all that different from all other nights for me. I still slept too late (as a result of staying up too late) and stressed out about my thesis and will go to bed far too late again. I’ve just been much more aware of my lack of matzoh brei than usual!

Matzoh brei is basically my favorite Jewish food. (For those who aren’t familiar, it’s the delicious product of matzoh–unleavened bread that bears resemblance to crackers–soaked in scrambled eggs and fried in a pan. Delicious!) Last year a bunch of us CCSers had a big Passover dinner, and I made enough for 12 people. It was a considerable challenge to keep from eating all 12 servings myself! This year we were all too busy to put anything together, so I didn’t have a chance to make it. As a result, my thoughts today tended to go in this direction:

Matzoh brei~

Once my thesis is turned in, I’m gonna go on a cooking spree. I think matzoh brei is first on the list of things to make!

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