Oh, Vermont. Why are you so snowy?

7 Feb

I know, I know, it’s because we’re so far north. But the snow had been melting so nicely the past few days that I kind of convinced myself that it’d just keep melting until it was all gone! It’s snowing again now, though, so I guess I’ve gotta accept the next several weeks of winter.

Ugh, sorry about that. I know I start, like, every entry with the latest in Vermont weather news, but it’s hard not to when that is basically all that is going on here. The last few days have been pretty solitary–I’ve gotten on this strange, nocturnal schedule, which means I slept through the thundersnow (seriously, it’s a real term!) and have just been sketching and trying to brainstorm story ideas all night. (We’ve also been watching a lot of Deadwood while we draw, but that’s neither here nor there.) It’s a decent schedule, but unfortunately it doesn’t inherently lend itself to exciting blog entries. Alas, such is my burden.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Here’s a sketch of our visiting artist from a week or two ago:

Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack is an animator and professor of animation at Dartmouth College, conveniently located just across the river in good ol’ Hanover. She was a pretty great speaker in general. I love it when people are genuinely passionate about their work, and Jodie is nothing if not that! She was super energetic, was always moving, and was the first visiting artist I’ve seen to include a sing-along portion in her presentation. Jodie does a lot of abstract animation but still tries to imbue it with a sense of narrative, which is really interesting to me. I’ve always gravitated towards representational imagery, so to be honest I haven’t thought much about what can be done with abstract imagery when it comes to storytelling. Jodie uses a lot of cut paper in her work, too, so the papercraft nerd in me was super excited about her presentation.

Last week’s visiting artist lecture was canceled due to the aforementioned delights of Vermont weather, so I unfortunately won’t have another one of these sketches until Friday. I’ve been doing some little sketches of the Deadwood characters, though, so I might post those on Wednesday. See you then!

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