I am running out of cold-weather-related titles for these posts.

4 Feb

This could prove to be a problem as it is only February and we have a lot of snow and wind ahead of us. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have used up my Mr. Freeze puns so early in the year. I suppose I have no one to blame but myself. :P

Anyway, here’s a visiting artist sketch from about two weeks ago:

David Libens

This is David Libens, our CCS student fellow for this year. He’s originally from Belgium, but he’s moved here for the year in order to work with the CCS cartooning community. He’s one of the founding members of the publishing company L’Employé du Moi as well as a prolific comic artist. His most recent work has been mostly autobiographical and has a great sketchy, spontaneous feel to it–I especially like the strips to which he’s added watercolors. It was very interesting to hear him talk because he gave us his whole life story in relation to comics. I’ve heard a lot (especially in the last two years) about how much better the comics culture in Europe is–comics are more widely considered to be a valid art form, many universities offer programs for it, etc.–so it was fun to hear David’s experiences within the system as well as his opinions on American comics culture. It was kind of nice to hear that he took some inspiration from American movies and music when he was younger, too; I know it’s silly, but I was relieved to hear that brash attitudes and guns aren’t our only cultural export.

Okay, I think that’s it for me tonight. I’ll be back on Monday with another visiting artist sketch and maybe a painting or two!

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