I’m a veritable whirlwind of activity!

28 Dec

…Unfortunately, none of that activity is for art-related stuff right now. I’m about to run off to Charlotte to visit Paul (and, with any luck, see Bailey as well), and anytime I travel somewhere I pretty much spend the night before running around in a tizzy. I have packing to do, errands to run, walks to take with the family, cats to keep off the keyboard and out of my suitcase, and an impressive headache, but no brand-new art tonight. What I do have for you is the last of the first set of visiting artist sketches from the senior class presentations. There’s only one today since I haven’t had a chance to scan the second round yet (I’m still figuring out my parents’ scanner), but once I’m back I’ll begin posting the next set. So, without further ado…

Em SauterEm Sauter will be completing a third volume of M. Sauter’s Guide to Douchebaggery and continuing work on her two beer-related webcomics, Pints and Panels (featuring four-panel beer review comics) and Vicki Stowe: Brewmaster (the fictional life story of Vicki Stowe, the next female brewmaster).

Sorry for the short update–I’ll have something new for you guys on Wednesday, I promise!

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