Dear Mayans: thank you for inventing hot chocolate.

10 Dec

Seriously. It’s gotten so cold here that I’m practically living off the stuff! If there was a way I could get this stuff intravenously, I would absolutely not do it because I am terrified of needles but metaphorically I would be in total favor of it.

…I just reread that last paragraph and am thinking that maybe I should cut down on my intake a little bit.

Chocolate beverage addictions aside, here’s the next set of sketches of the CCS class of 2011:

Ben Horak

Ben Horak will be completing a new issue of Grumptoast, his one-man anthology, as well as redesigning the cover of the first issue. He’s also designed some sweet merchandise featuring some of his recurring characters.

CJ JoughinCJ Joughin is continuing work on City of Cards, her story set in an extremely capitalist, corporation-run future. So far, transparent scrum halves have only made an appearance on her fantastic shirts from Japan and Korea, but I can only hope they show up in her comic as well.

Paul SwartzPaul Swartz is continuing work on The Magnificent Mockingbird Presents: A Vanishing Act (the first chapter of which was his mini-thesis last year) as well as compiling a monster alphabet book and beginning work on an as-yet-unnamed project about a young man trying to revitalize his tiny hometown’s economy by faking a UFO landing.

That’s all for this week! If I haven’t sunk into a sugar-induced coma by Monday, I’ll post more work then. :)

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