It’s getting too cold here.

19 Nov

I know it’s November, and I know that that means Vermont winter is imminent. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE TO LIKE IT.

Anyway, here’s my most recent visiting artist sketch:

Carol Tyler

Our speaker this week was Carol Tyler, creator of Late Bloomer and You’ll Never Know (the second book of which came out just a month ago). She was a fantastic presenter, full of energy and humor and sarcasm. (She doesn’t usually wear the hat she’s wearing in my sketch–it’s her Lois Lane hat, which according to her is only suitable for presentations and the like.) I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with her work before this presentation, but I really enjoyed it! I love the way she stylizes the figure and her use of color. I don’t know if our library has a copy of Late Bloomer, but I can’t wait to find out. :)

In other news, here’s something else that’s cute and stylized:

we are totally freaking adorable

These are some little souvenirs of New York from this week’s trip. They’re part of Amanda Visell’s “Tic Toc Apocalypse” blind box toy series, and we found them in My Plastic Heart. As my dad, Paul, and I were walking toward the restaurant for dinner, Paul realized that he recognized the area we were in. Somewhere nearby, he assured us, there was a toy store that had recently had a gallery show of Scott C.‘s art. He led us around the corner, and–sure enough–there it was! There was such a ridiculous collection of fun stuff that it was hard to pick anything out, but we’d recently seen some of these figures in a book of designer toys and really loved them, so that’s what we ended up getting. (Thanks, Dad!)

I think that’s it for me tonight! CJ Joughin and I have an excellent night of sketching and so-bad-it’s-good shoujo anime planned, so I’d best get to it. See you on Monday!

P.S. Have you guys watched Out of Sight? If not, you need to. It’s adorable, beautifully animated, and has wonderful music–what’s not to like?

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