Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my brain overheating.

10 Nov

Bleargh. You know what’s not fun, you guys? CSS. I’m redesigning my main site, and it’s turning out to be a little more complicated than I thought. It may take forever, and it may be hard to do, but I’m hoping that eventually it will look good enough to warrant all that effort.

When I’m not fighting my CSS-illiteracy, I’ve been continuing to poke at my thesis material. I’m in kind of a slump right now, which is frustrating, but I have some exercises in mind that should keep me drawing. At this point, I feel like that’s the most important thing. Speaking of which, here’s something I doodled during class last week:

I miss my pen

This was a tale of woe dedicated to my faithful Pentel Pocket Brush, whose ink cartridge ran out a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to find any replacements locally, so I had to order some online. I still wanted to get some line weight variance when I inked this, though, so I just kept going over certain bits with my Staedtler .03 pen. That’s how I used to ink everything up until about a year ago, and holy hell did I forget how time-consuming it was! I like the way it looks just fine, but man will I be happy when those cartridges come in. (Happily, I didn’t even have to wait that long…Carl Mefferd took pity on me and lent me a cartridge to use until mine arrive. My hero~!)

I had a lot of fun with the palette in this one. Paul has been doing this thing lately where he doesn’t use any black lines in his color pieces (i.e., pretty much everything he does), and I like the way that style looks so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m pretty certain that whatever I do next has to be in color, no matter how I do it. Plain black and white just feels kind of boring right now–I want to muck around with some watercolors or even just with Photoshop some more.


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