I am cartoonist; hear me grumble.

3 Nov

As promised, here’s my visiting artist sketch of Laura Park from last week:

Laura Park

Laura was a really great lecturer. She was engaging and interesting and managed to tell stories about living in a particular city while completely avoiding the “you’ll never be cool like this if you don’t live there” attitude that often seems to go with that kind of thing. She also did a really fantastic crosshatching/lettering/watercolor demo for us. It’s absolutely amazing to watch her letter–she has a knack for fabricating entire alphabets from a very small sample of lettering, which she can then use to write anything she wants absolutely beautifully. As you can see, I was very impressed by her presentation and by her fashion sense. She had this fantastic hot pink eyeshadow on every time I saw her that I unfortunately wasn’t able to capture in this sketch, plus the aforementioned golden shoes.

Ugh…I know I promised you guys an image of that Día de los Muertos print, but I think that’s it for me tonight. Sorry to cut this post short, but I am feeling crazy frustrated. I’ve been trying to set up a PayPal store so that I can get those calendars out to everyone that ordered them, but you can’t do that on a WordPress-hosted blog. This means that I have to get my portfolio site up and running again in order to get a storefront up. This is something I was planning to do anyway, but I’m really frustrated by this additional delay. I’ll try to make that happen ASAP, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more drawings…

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