Muévete! Muévete!

29 Oct

Busy, busy busy! We’re all back to full health over here, which is great, but now we’re scrambling to get ready for Halloween festivities. That means lots of costume planning (I had a last-minute change of heart) and also illustration work for this excellent event:pew pew pew

Comic Boom is graciously hosting several CCS students tomorrow in order to let us sell our work and watch horror movies with them. I’ll be there along with Paul, Ben, and Max…but I’m a huge scaredy-cat, as I’ve mentioned before, so I’m only participating in the former. I’d still like to have something new and seasonal to bring with me, though, so I’ve been working on some Día-de-los-Muertos-inspired prints to sell. Unfortunately, that means I’ve got a lot left to do, so this blog post is going to be on the short side. Don’t worry, though–I’ll post the finished products here. In the meantime, here’s a quick visiting artist doodle I did yesterday of Laura Park:

letterin' up a storm

I’ll post my usual picture with quotes (plus a little bit about her talk and watercolor demo) on Monday, but right now I have to get back to drawin’ skeletons!

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