Me? Awake on a Monday? What a novel idea!

25 Oct

Woof. What a weekend! Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have a weekend that wasn’t spent (a) frantically trying to finish 16 pages to my satisfaction or (b) driving all night. On the other hand, though, it was kind of a bummer to spend the whole weekend in quarantine. I was feeling kind of sick–everyone at CCS has had the sniffles or worse these past few weeks–so I spent the weekend hanging out with Paul (who was feeling way worse than I was, poor guy), taking naps, and watching Boardwalk Empire. It’s a fun show (although, man, did some episodes get way grosser and more violent than I expected!), and it’s great costume porn. I love me some period pieces, especially if they involve pinstripes, cool dresses, and excellent hats. KIND OF LIKE THESE ONES:

Boardwalk Hats

These are actually sketches from a few weeks ago when we watched the first episode; I wasn’t up for much drawing this weekend. I still like how they turned out, though; I drew them in a simpler style that was kind of influenced by the Professor Layton games. (I’ve only just managed to kick a serious addiction to those games, but I doubt it’ll last for long since the third one just came out.) I’d like to do something with these guys (or with characters who look something like them), but I don’t have any specific story ideas for that era other than “draw hats”.

Speaking of dudes in hats, here’s my latest visiting artist sketch:

Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft, who draws the newspaper strip Mama’s Boyz, came to talk to us this week. He was funny, engaging, and generally a great speaker. He had some interesting things to say about his experience in the newspaper industry, self-publishing, and how having a multicultural cast has influenced the reception of his work. It’s ridiculous that some people will still look at a comic and say, “Oh, this comic has black characters? It’s just like [other comic also featuring black characters],” even if race is the only thing those characters have in common. That concept is just really strange to me. I feel like multiculturalism is an important part of comics–I want my worlds to reflect a variety of diverse characters, not just to feature Generic White Protagonist #8,502. That’s not to say that it’s wrong to have a white protagonist or that creators who have them should feel bad; it’s just that I want that to be a conscious decision that I make instead of what I default to without thinking, y’know? I guess it’s just strange to me–even though, sadly, it probably shouldn’t be–that some people are still weirded out by multiculturalism and willing to write it off as all being interchangeable.

*shrugs* Welp, that’s my two cents for this week. I’ll be back on Wednesday with some more arts. If you need somethin’ to read in the meantime, why not check out the Comics Journal’s review of Tales from San Papel, an anthology that I contributed to back in the day (by which I mean during winter break last year). Rob Clough referred to my contribution, It Never Snows in San Papel, as one of the standouts. I am super flattered! :)

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