Who’s got two thumbs and occasionally updates her blog on time? THIS GUY.

17 Sep

One of the many cool things about CCS is the fact that we have a visiting artist lecture every week. Basically, cool people come to White River Jct. every week and spend about two hours telling us what they do and how they do it and why that is awesome. Last year, David Yoder sketched each visiting artist, wrote down some of the interesting things they said, and made a cool mini out of it. I thought was a really neat project, and I could really use some practice drawing people’s likenesses, so I’m going to follow in his footsteps this year. I don’t know if I’ll collect them at the end of the year the way he did, but at the very least it should result in some interesting drawings for the blog. :) Speaking of which, here are the two we’ve had so far!

Last week we had Steve Bissette of Tyrant, Swamp Thing, and like a million other excellent comics. He’s one of our professors here at CCS and is a great lecturer as well as teacher. Also, he has an amazing beard.

This week, Kate Beaton came to talk to us. She draws a hilarious comic called Hark! A Vagrant and was equally hilarious in person. She was very articulate and said some interesting things about writing humor. I like making people laugh with my comics, and she mentioned some good guidelines for doing it (some of which you can read above). Also, how is it that every indie comics girl has such impeccable fashion sense? I need to step up my game, you guys.

Okay, it’s back to work now–this weekend I have to start a dream-based 4-pager, finish my official business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, and ink and color an illustration for a super excellent pin-up calendar of some of the White River Junction cartooning gals. Fun times! :)


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